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Living a Fuller Life

My work focuses on connecting people to their passions. 


We all thirst for meaning and contentment in our lives.  So often we find ourselves depleted from having expended energy in ways that are of little fulfillment.  Whether that be through work, trying to be someone we are not, or relationships that don't serve us.  

My central principal for anyone that I work with is that we are all deserving of happiness and contentment regardless of the traumas and hardships we have faced. 

By reconnecting with who we really are at our core, what really matters to us, and how we want to express ourselves in this lifetime.  We all have the opportunity to live a fuller and more engaged life. 

Expanded Living Personal Program

My practice focuses on three aspects of building contentment.


I work with individuals to come to understand their limiting beliefs about themselves and their capacity.  We all have to adopt strategies when we are young in order to survive and make our way through the world.  The issue then becomes when those old survival tactics of navigating life and relationships, gets in the way of us knowing how to 

My Areas of Focus and Expertise:

  • Recovery from Childhood Trauma

  • Grief from Loss of a Loved One

  • Life Transitions, End of Relationship, Change of Location, Job, etc.

  • Individual Relationship Counseling

  • Spirituality and Identity


I am a Certified EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist).  I work with 

Sunset in the Woods

Soul Tending 

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