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Couples Counseling

Almost any couple at some stage in their lives together will encounter issues with communication, intimacy, empathy, or conflict resolution. Learning how to navigate that natural-occurring discord in a meaningful and productive way is how two people nourish a partnership. Unfortunately, most of us were never taught how to have a healthy relationship or resolve differences, which inevitably creates a great deal of fear and insecurity.

I am a Certified EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapist) Supervisor Candidate. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is one of the most effective means of helping couples to identify negative communication cycles that catch them in loops with one another where they feel more distant and separate than close and secure. 


Here is a video of me explaining EFT and its work with couples 

Relationships are so vital to our development and well-being that it can be devastating when something changes or doesn’t meet our expectations. For instance, simple compatibility issues or a lack of interest in the same things can create a sense that one partner isn’t fully invested in the other. It can feel as if there is something broken with the relationship when, in reality, these differences are to be celebrated and embraced. Oftentimes, we forget that we are all unique individuals. We come from different economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds and knowing how to harmonize those elements into healthy relationships is elusive at best.


Moreover, relationships naturally evolve with time and take on new characteristics that can be difficult to deal with. For example, the responsibility of caring for a family, raising children, or satisfying the demands of a career can slowly erode the intimate connection you once had. Or the challenge of co-existing with in-laws or integrating children from another marriage can present concerns that most of us are simply not equipped to address alone.

However, as a couple, you have the strength to truly make a change in each other’s life. We can give you tools and skills that will help combat the stress in your relationship and bring you to a hopeful place. In time, you can learn to communicate openly, appreciate each other, and reconnect with the one you love.


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