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Individual Therapy

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I work with individuals to support each person’s growth and life goals. In individual therapy, we work together to build a better understanding of relationship and personal habitual patterns that no longer serve you and your aspirations.

Areas that I have particular expertise in include:

  • Grief counseling to help with the loss of a loved one

  • Depression management

  • Anxiety treatment

  • Life transitions

  • Identity and spirituality


I am trained as Certified Hakomi Therapist and utilize it in much of my work with clients.  Hakomi is a somatic mindfulness based practice that is incredibly effective at helping clients to grow their awareness of how their bodies are always giving us real time feedback around what ails us in our lives and how we can access greater wisdom and depth by learning to attune to ourselves and our own innate wisdom.  


You can learn more about Hakomi and it's use in therapy by following this link:

Hakomi Institute

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