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Meet Lynn

Hi, Lynn Shewmaker I spent 45 years practicing optometry in Kentucky, helping people see their best today and tomorrow.

I am a husband, father, mentor, and I am passionate about learning. Bringing forth courageous kindness in the service of others is an underlying ideal.

My Personal Mission Statement “Curiously listening creates joyous space of possibilities with affection and connection guiding mindful compassionate action.”

Since 2000 I have been on a personal journey of understanding myself and how to engage with the Earth and Others. I had explorations with Nine Gates Mystery School, teacher Gay Luce PhD., Mankind Project, Warrior Monk with Dan McKee. PhD., Carolyn Conger PhD. Most recently I have studied with Francis Weller, MFT delving into the waters of grief.

As Francis Weller says, “grief tending helps to find the wisdom hidden in the suffering and by holding both the beauty and sorrow simultaneously restores our souls.”

Embracing grief and sorrow has added a richness to my everyday life. I feel more alive.

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